Display online pdfs attachment in drupal with pdf.js

pdf.js (https://github.com/mozilla/pdf.js) is a mozilla project for rendering pdf files with javascript.

Now it came with a standard Firefox download, but not everyone is using Firefox, thus it came the drupal module: https://drupal.org/project/pdf

Simple steps:

Little tool spot (php to UML)

This is my little endorsement to this tool


really usefull to extract uml from an existing PHP project. In GNU/Linux system (actually Bsd world too) there is at least Umbrello which read and write XMI format.


Twitter Insecure by Design

It happens I have a new identity ... no, someone has my credential or such for using my twitter account. Twitter does not reply, there is no team that can fix it.

Problem with twitter is that it is insecure by design. You indicate an email address and confirm it, at registation time, or whenever you want.

Well, now? If you want to change email address you have to confirm it with the old, confirmed one, email, you are guessing ... no. You have to verify the new email address with the new email address!!

Runyourjs drupal module

Done, as said in http://www.smartango.com/blog/upload-javascript-attachment-drupal-entity-and-run-it-and-what-it-munge, I created a sandbox project:


I attach here an archive as git archive --prefix=runyourjs/ HEAD |gzip - > ../runyourjs.tar.gz

Upload a javascript as attachment to drupal entity (and run it) ... and what is it munge?

I am in the need to attach javascript code to my content for tech blog purpose, and give capability to run it by visitors.

Do you think there are security concerns? Me no.

PHP filter is there in Drupal core from the begin, and it was not a security concern, unless you give permission to everyone to post content or comment in PHP format. What does it make javascript a security concern?

Unesco World Heritage List

Ok, following https://mapping.withgoogle.com/course I can not find a good export of unesco world heritage sites, interested in Italy.

(PHP) CurlParallel around the world

About the project: https://github.com/danielecr/CurlParallel

Selfing on the net this morning I discovered at least another interesting implementation of parallel fetch of network resource via PHP curl, that is https://github.com/dulao5/parallel-curl of https://github.com/dulao5, and is older than the one I take as starting point.

SEO advices for javascripter: Se 'o sai è meglio.

What does is indexed by search engines? Of course the static pages are, but what about javascript originated content (i.e. AJAX)?

By the end of 2011 Google indexs comments loaded via AJAX (i.e. Facebook, Disqus, ...).


Debugging Javascript worker (and jQuery & workers howto)

Even if I finally found Web workers:error and debugging article that explains it well and exensively, I just had to report that developing with Firefox is still the right choice in most case.