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Costruire un archivio con PHAR per farne una copia statica, o usare il dbms?

Mi è stato chiesto di fare una versione statica di una parte di sito (una sottocartella), così ho preso wget e scaricato i file (wget -nc -r http://host.domain/directory).

La parte in questione è una applicazione PHP/MySql che usa mod_rewrite, così il numero di file è effettivamente molto alto.


Rimuovere un virus da wordpress

Non ho voglia di indagare da dove entrano e come fanno, suppongo sia qualcosa riguardo a xmlrpc, comunque mi capita di trovare in alcuni siti dei file in wordpress con un bel pezzo di codice all'inizio che fa più o meno così:

PayPal SEPA o no

visto: (Single Euro Payment Area) a parte, le tariffe sulle transazioni paypal sono differenti nel caso i fondi provengano da carta di credito, e nel caso provengano da trasferimento bancario.


Commissione europea e open standard ... source ... cosa?

L'articolo di punto informatico di oggi ( parla della guida di indirizzo approvata dalla commissione europea riguardo l'utilizzo di standard aperti, più avanti si parla di open source come se fosse un sinonimo.

following coursera courses

I am updating my knowledge by following some courses on, that is: (computational neuroscience) and (exploring quantum physics). I found both require that kind of math called statistic, or something like that, and summing vector of values, multidimensional calculus ... very interesting and mind opening.

ZCE: PHP 5.3 Zend Certificated Engineer. The exam: a more extensive report.

First of all, I have to pay some money to take it, so I tried to get information about this exam.

Some Terms: Registry Pattern, object hash

I would talk about a pattern whose name I fail to know before, giving it the name of multi-singleton.

Registry pattern

I read about it in PHP 5 certification study guide from php|architect's series. This is the example given:

Signal page as correct in Google Webmaster Tool (simulate mouse click)

Google webmaster tool signals scanning errors. The is option to signal error a scorrected, but sometime a lot of error is solved at once, but interface do not give option to select it all.

Also this trick could be usefull in other service..

I loaded this code in chrome console (developer tool), modified from example code

Why not to use remove link

This is my experience: I have to rewrite administration page where
there is remove button (in a form) with only javascript confirm.

I thought: "no one had problem with no limitation in the past, why they
should now? I'll use a link with javascript confirm.

It happened I have a dashboard page where is listed the last entries
and links for update and delete its. It happened that few day later 20
entries was deleted and I was looking for what caused the problem for
one day.

Google Chrome no-cache and Login throw oauth services

I found this very annoying, it seem chrome optimization make it not works things like "login via facebook" or "login via twitter" button with this browser and make it wait forever.